Green Alternatives for Our Food Industry--Starting with Insects for Food!

It seems a little gross, but when explained, it is just a psychological hang up that we might need to get over. Growing insects requires less energy, less pollutants, and just need a stronger stomach. Many indigenous cultures still keep insects as a part of their diet, so why can the rest of us. It would reduce our carbon usage, and it actually doesn’t taste as gross as it looks!

Looking at NYC For a New Kids' Show

Got to work with great crew for a new show aimed at the generation that might just save us all. Seems that with the proper introduction, our children know how to solve the problems that we’re creating and I have renewed hope for our dysfunctional world. If they could just take power now instead of waiting another 20 years….

Kennedy Documentary Return Trip to DC

Having been in college during the Divest from South Africa movement of the mid-80’s, I feel very close to the subject. I was fortunate to have met Nelson Mandela twice, and shake his hand. In hindsight, it seems crystal clear how history will judge those that supported and apologized for the Apartheid regime. But this was an interesting interview with a former Reagan official, and I have to admit, it was enlightening. I’m still calling a foul on Reagan for “constructive engagement,” but at least there were smarter folks than him considering what should be official policy. More than I can say for our current government.

Last Hall of Fame Trip to the Land of Tulips and Windmills and...

So after a really long time, maybe 30+ years, I returned to Amsterdam and was happy to see the same beautiful city with the same lovely people. Canals and bikes and a spectacularly talented designer, Marcel Wanders. The other thing about the Dutch people is that they are tall (really tall), and super clever. Our makeup lady arrived via scooter, with all her gear! And my best bud, Petr, came up from Prague just to hang out and work as a PA (get me some coffee Petr!). Few cities match up to New York, and Amsterdam is one of them. I love this job.

Volunteering to Get Women Elected

I was happy to join a kick ass production team to help Daryl Eisenberg-Knegten run for (and win) office in local Watchung, NJ, town government. Reminds me why our future depends on women and I hope to see the day when women take power in all levels of government and give us all a more just and fair life. The year of the Woman 2 might just be the beginning of the end of our national nightmare.

Cake Decorators Don't Really Eat Cake!

Worked on a one hour Food Network special about the world’s greatest cake decorators. Elaborate cakes that took 200 or 500, up to 800 hours to make! Some very intricate, beautiful work from “sugar artists” from around the country and Canada. Traveled with my buddy Brodee and hit New Hampshire, suburban Ontario, Scottsdale and Little Rock, before capping it off with my other friend Will in Tulsa, OK. It was a sweet 3 week gig.

Second Trip to Oregon's Coastal Forests

Really enjoyed my return to one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Temperate rain forests are a verdant setting for this important documentary on the confluence of corporate greed and community rights.

West Coast Swing with Interior Design Magazine

When Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen invites me to film some cool designs, it’s always stunning. The sublime interiors and buildings of LA based architect Patrick Tighe, and IwamotoScott Architecture’s high tech workplace designs for Silicon Valley firms certainly were. Early morning flight and a day in Portland, Oregon, at the famed Japanese Gardens to showcase Kengo Kuma’s minimalist public buildings.

New Andrew Zimmern Series

Worked on the second half of Big Food Truck Tip in Memphis, Huntington Beach, CA & Salt Lake City. For AZ’s first series on Food Network, I got to work with some great folks from Minnesota, and my friends, Brian & Brodee. Nothing makes road work feel like a vacation than a good group of folks. Can’t wait for the next project with Intuitive Content!

Colorado Rockies and the great big skies of Idaho & Wyoming

In the continuing search for the elusive Sasquatch, after three years of looking in Oregon, New Mexico, and Florida, we picked up this year in Colorado. Camping and hiking and filming in the Rocky Mountains with my buddy Brandon Ziegenfuss splitting the camera duties. Beautiful vistas with hot days and cold nights. No sign of the big fella, but got to fly the new drone, the Mavic Pro Platinum!

Pickup Trucks Supercharged

Spent time in Hudson, IA, outside of Waterloo, which is outside of Cedar Rapids. Yeah, not easy to find, but it's the home of the best designer of rebuilt 60 year old pick ups in the country. The young Blake Stoner is gonna get his own show, because what he does is spectacular, and unprecedented. Winner of back to back GM Design Awards and the youngest ever to take the prize. Produced by Watt Pictures!

Recce Trip to Borneo to Start Filming The Great Call Documentary

In Sabangau, Borneo for 2 weeks filming gibbons at dawn, slogging through a peat moss swamp, as a gibbon family brachiate through the canopy, stopping to eat fruit and sing! Amazing experience seeing these primates in their habitat, on their terms. Great to work with the rest of the One Health Productions team: Allison Hanes, Harriet Bailey and Julia Hill!

Documentary on Ted Kennedy and Sanctions on South Africa

Finished two weeks work on three different documentaries filming in two states and the District of Columbia with a long term project on Senator Ted Kennedy's efforts to impose sanctions on apartheid South Africa. Overriding President Reagan's veto, we were able to interview former Republican Senator Richard Luger, current Delaware Senator Chris Coons, and former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Herman Cohen in Washington, DC. Had to drive through a heavy snow storm after arriving on the red-eye from Oregon, but we made it down and back safely. 

Oregon Temperate Rain Forest Filming

Working on an great documentary about how individuals and a community can fight back against large corporate corruption and government indifference. Though mostly addressing historic crimes, the fight continues and the current political climate makes that fight incredibly relevant. Beautiful setting for some drone flying and the most striking b-roll I've filmed in a while. More details will come once the film is done.

The Story Exchange Adds to its Illustrious Group of Women

A Native American woman healing through traditional teachings is one of 3 women in western Washington state doing "good on the ground." The Story Exchange continues its mission to connect women entrepreneurs with examples of other successful women to inspire and change their lives and of those they serve. 

Green Screen Pilot

Seeing green! Always a strange experience to film a green screen show--using your imagination to fill in the green is not always as easy as it seems. Faking a horse ride and historic settings in a long day of filming. But it will be a fun, irreverent show about how some iconic foods were created!


Wrapped Up Season 3 of Beach Bites with Katie Lee

One of the best jobs to have, travel to beautiful beaches with my friends/crew mates, and our wonderful, kind host, Katie, filming and eating delicious food, and getting paid for it. The Bahamas, Catalina Island, Carmel & Monterey in northern California, South Carolina's barrier islands, Tybee Island outside Savannah, and Biloxi, Mississippi, were fun, mostly warm, and friendly to the New Yorkers. Can't wait to do it all over again.

Visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Iconic Fallingwater

Quick overnight trip to Mill Run, PA, to film at Falling Waters, Wright's seminal work in the woods of rural Pennsylvania. Shot some drone footage after passing the FAA pilot's certificate test! Great place to fly the little Spark. Great new tool to add to the kit. Profiled a fascinating architect, Peter Bohlin, who built High Meadow educational complex for Fallingwater Institute. Inspirational.

Tastemade Posts 3 Episodes of Dish

Food centric website, Tastemade, just published 3 tasty dishes that we worked on over the summer.

Inspired by her mother's boxed birthday cake, gourmet pastry chef, owner, and founder Christina Tosi of NYC's famed Milk Bar has crafted a grown-up version made with three layers of vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla frosting, and her signature rainbow cake crumbs.
When Chef Zak Pelaccio opened Hudson Valley's Fish & Game, he asked himself, "what does this place taste like?" The answer was a succulent lamb shoulder cooked over an open fire and complemented by grilled cucumbers, pink peppercorn and homemade yogurt sauce.
Executive chef and partner of the Asian-American restaurant TALDE, Dale Talde's take on Pad Thai is that of a true immigrant story, with a reliance on ingredients not typically associated with it, including crispy oysters and smoky bacon.

Beez Kneez and Doing Good on the Ground

Another couple of great entrepreneurs from the twin cities. Kristy Allen, founder of a great Minneapolis beekeeping company and Rebecca Hage Thomely, who emphasizes volunteerism for her workers.