Wrapped Up Season 3 of Beach Bites with Katie Lee

One of the best jobs to have, travel to beautiful beaches with my friends/crew mates, and our wonderful, kind host, Katie, filming and eating delicious food, and getting paid for it. The Bahamas, Catalina Island, Carmel & Monterey in northern California, South Carolina's barrier islands, Tybee Island outside Savannah, and Biloxi, Mississippi, were fun, mostly warm, and friendly to the New Yorkers. Can't wait to do it all over again.

Visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Iconic Fallingwater

Quick overnight trip to Mill Run, PA, to film at Falling Waters, Wright's seminal work in the woods of rural Pennsylvania. Shot some drone footage after passing the FAA pilot's certificate test! Great place to fly the little Spark. Great new tool to add to the kit. Profiled a fascinating architect, Peter Bohlin, who built High Meadow educational complex for Fallingwater Institute. Inspirational.

Tastemade Posts 3 Episodes of Dish

Food centric website, Tastemade, just published 3 tasty dishes that we worked on over the summer.

Inspired by her mother's boxed birthday cake, gourmet pastry chef, owner, and founder Christina Tosi of NYC's famed Milk Bar has crafted a grown-up version made with three layers of vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla frosting, and her signature rainbow cake crumbs.
When Chef Zak Pelaccio opened Hudson Valley's Fish & Game, he asked himself, "what does this place taste like?" The answer was a succulent lamb shoulder cooked over an open fire and complemented by grilled cucumbers, pink peppercorn and homemade yogurt sauce.
Executive chef and partner of the Asian-American restaurant TALDE, Dale Talde's take on Pad Thai is that of a true immigrant story, with a reliance on ingredients not typically associated with it, including crispy oysters and smoky bacon.

Beez Kneez and Doing Good on the Ground

Another couple of great entrepreneurs from the twin cities. Kristy Allen, founder of a great Minneapolis beekeeping company and Rebecca Hage Thomely, who emphasizes volunteerism for her workers.

Virtual Sheep

Little shoot I did for my friend Eric for an augmented reality game for kids. Sheeps on iPads--who'd have thunk it?

An AR (Augmented Reality) virtual pet sim for iOS and Android. Coming this winter.

Lambstock on a sheep farm in Virginia--It's Woodstock for Chefs

Sometimes, documentary shoots are gritty, political and there's not a good meal to be had. This was not one of them. Chefs from all over the south gathered at Border Springs Farms in Patrick Springs, VA, and cooked and ate and drank and danced. It wasn't really work. 

Ahn Trio Interview Shoot

Got to hang out with my friends Lucia and Maria Ahn, two thirds of the sister trio (Angella was not in town) and film a little interview of them for their website/EPK. Always great to see these talented musicians, and yes, I can tell them apart...usually.

Saving elephants and destroying illegal ivory

A network of NGO's got together and helped bring awareness about the dangers of the illegal ivory trade, with the Ivory Crush. Two tons of confiscated ivory was crushed in Central Park on August 3rd. Sad to see how the death of these majestic animals can be reduced to dust in a matter of hours. Support conservation efforts and remember World Elephant Day is August 12th.

Tastemade web series and juicing hip hop style

Spent a few days profiling some outstanding chefs and their signature plates for DISH, a web series for Tastemade. Also, got to see Styles P and Jadakiss give back to their community by creating a healthy alternative in The Bronx and Brooklyn, with Juices for Life.

Searching for 50 year old documents

Second shoot for a documentary on a French legal case about America's involvement in Vietnam. More than fifty years later, people are still hiding behind legal and bureaucratic defenses. Crazy world. I did get to drive up to northern Vermont, which is beautiful,  tranquil and without cell coverage!

A last interview for Bei Bei Shuai documentary

Working for my friends Rose and Marion, shot one last interview for their documentary on the case of Bei Bei Shuai vs The State of Indiana. Then helped them make a Kickstarter video. Someone needed a little fortification before appearing on camera!

Shooting a Pilot for Food Network

Had the pleasure of being DP on a cooking show pilot featuring Helen G., who runs Citarella, her family's chain of gourmet groceries. Fun and sassy, Helen gives tips on making some great dishes. Bonus, we filmed in beautiful Eastern Long Island.

Treat Yourself with KK Glick for BravoTV.com

Got an education in Upper East Side lifestyle with KK from Bravo's comedy series, Odd Mom Out. Who knew that haircuts and beauty treatments could cost so much! This web series is rolling in support of the new season of Odd Mom Out in July.

Terry Crews: actor...athlete...designer?

Got big points from the Brooklyn Nine Nine fan in my house when I interviewed Terry Crews about his work as a furniture designer for Bernhardt Interiors. Great guy, funny, sharp dresser, and a talented designer. For Interior Design Magazine

Comedy and politics in the Lone Star State

Busy month for women in entrepreneurship for The Story Exchange with two more inspiring women. Amanda Austin founded the Dallas Comedy House, one of a very women-owned comedy clubs in the country. And Amy Hagstrom Miller was the plaintiff in the pivotal Supreme Court case that overturned Texas law, HB2, restricting abortion providers. She runs Whole Women's Health, and we interviewed her at their Fort Worth location. 

Brit comic Russell Howard and his new TV show

Flew up to Toronto for a quick shoot with Russell Howard, as he preps his new talk show for Sky TV. Always nice to visit our neighbors up north--and scout an escape route. Making Canada great again!

2 Virginia women entrepreneurs creating programs for kids

Another round for The Story Exchange and their focus on social entrepreneurs. Julia Warren, at age 16, started Celebrate RVA to throw birthday parties for kids in homeless shelters and women's shelter in and around Richmond, VA. And an Army veteran who started a leadership program for middle school girls.

Marja Vongerichten Pilot

Spent a week in Asia working on a pilot with the Restauranteur/Food Entrepreneur/Chef. It's always great to go back to my home continent and eat delicious food. Chopsticks and sake make for a good day.

Another season of Beach Bites with Katie Lee

So lucky to have spent six weeks in Hawaii, Florida, San Diego and other great beach towns across the country filming Season 2 with Katie Lee. Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the winter of 2017--missed some chilly New York weather, or so I was told. Look for it on the Cooking Channel starting in May or June. Beach food tastes better because of the view!

Louisville, KY--Bourbon and Entrepreneurs

After nearly a year, arrived in Louisville Wednesday morning and filmed with some amazing restauranteurs to finish off the last of the production shoots for the Entrepreneurs project. Couldn't have picked a better spot for after work drinks! It was a great run. Thanks Tats and Joe. What a great crew to hang out with.