Tastemade Posts 3 Episodes of Dish

Food centric website, Tastemade, just published 3 tasty dishes that we worked on over the summer.

Inspired by her mother's boxed birthday cake, gourmet pastry chef, owner, and founder Christina Tosi of NYC's famed Milk Bar has crafted a grown-up version made with three layers of vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla frosting, and her signature rainbow cake crumbs.
When Chef Zak Pelaccio opened Hudson Valley's Fish & Game, he asked himself, "what does this place taste like?" The answer was a succulent lamb shoulder cooked over an open fire and complemented by grilled cucumbers, pink peppercorn and homemade yogurt sauce.
Executive chef and partner of the Asian-American restaurant TALDE, Dale Talde's take on Pad Thai is that of a true immigrant story, with a reliance on ingredients not typically associated with it, including crispy oysters and smoky bacon.